Hi, I’m Nahla.👋

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my digital portfolio.

Since 2015 I’ve been working with
enterprise clients around the world
developing RegTech protocols
and best practices.

I’ve worked both enterprise side
and with sovereign governments acting as a key contributor for notable public projects like DCOM.

Since 2020 I’ve taken a less active role in
compliance consulting and star ted sharing my insights .

Notable clients

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What Do I Bring On The Table?

Over 5 years of compliance expertise.

I’ve worked on large scale enterprise projects and build compliance teams at multiple Fortune 500 companies.

I’ve witnessed the growth of compliance from its nascent beginning.

I can explain complex topics in an accesible way

for lay readers as well as newer entrants to the compliance framework jungle.

As the industry evolves I can provide the latest information for SMBS looking to be 100% compliance friendly.

My process

I work with a handful of companies writing compliance specific conten t and more broadly – training materials.

Whether you’re looking for HIPAA best practices or geo targeted information I can help create content that educates both your customers as well as your staff.

Bio & Facts


I was born in Concourse, Bronx in 1987, and lived in spitting distance of Yankee Stadium.


Since as long as I could remember I was a geek.

My first computer was an old school Amiga(bonus points if you know what that is).

My first love was a Nintendo where I spent countless hours playing translated classics like Final Fantasy. Gaming eventually led me to the weird and wonderful world of anime.


At 18, I went to Clarkson University where I majored in computer science. Part time hobbies included running the astronomy club and helping run the local campus IT network. This was my first real experience running a larger network.. sort of like having a LAN gaming party but on a bigger scale.🤓


After my undergrad I completed a Master’s Degree in software engineering. During my studies I was lucky enough to get an internship at a local NYC company Vigilant Compliance which later became the start of my professional career. I eventually left Vigilant and moved to the bay area where I worked for a handful of companies building and managing compliance teams.


In 2020 I took a less active role in the industry to pursue a career on copywriting and professional consulting for SMBs.

Why writing?

Other than the fact I can write from my kitchen table in my pajamas, writing has always been a hobby of mine.

As I transitioned through my professional career I kept my writing passion alive mostly rambling on my now defunct Tumblr blog about US politics and technology.

Copywriting allows me to educate professionals looking for actionable and insightful content. It also provides me with flexibility of work and the freedom to travel without restrictive office time and meetings.

I get to live life on my terms and still provide maximum value to my clients.